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18-03-2017 - LEMMY's
Bad Friedrichshall
+ Bleeding
+ Metal Party




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Markus Ullrich (guitars)

Equipment: Les Paul Custom (1979), Suhr Modern, Gibson Flying V, FGN Neo Classic LC10, Fender Acoustasonic, Fractal Audio AXE-FX II and AX8, Flexsys FM12, Shure GLX-D wireless system, InTune picks, Pyramid strings


Fave bands: Mike Oldfield, Rush, Riot, ABBA, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Yes, Kansas, Secrecy, Voivod, Toxik, Mordred, Ark, Lillian Axe, Psychotic Waltz, Anacrusis, Forbidden, Heathen...


Movies: El Topo, Suspiria, The Holy Mountain, Enter the Void, The Others, Rosemary's Baby, Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, The Saragossa Manuscript, The Hourglass Sanatorium, Who Can Kill a Child, Don't Look Now, North By Northwest


Books: Everything from Arthur Conan Doyle, Henning Mankell, Rebecca Gablé, Tonke Dragt, Stieg Larssons "Millenium Trilogy" and so much more...


"likes": Mini, good music, good movies, good books, good food, intelligent human beings, humor, sincerity, the exception to the norm


"hates": bigotry, stupidity, egoism, ignorance, broccoli, brussels sprouts, almost every German movie, casting shows and Besenweine (wine served in typical Swabian taverns)


Why are Lanfear Metal? Because Lanfear always did what Lanfear wanted to do and never sucked up to somebody! That's more metal than raising mead horns and pretending to be a viking ... or benefitting from good albums you released 25 years ago.


Which is your favourite Lanfear song and why?

Always the one I write next!


Why do you make music? I can't comprehend that there are actually people on this planet who don't make music.


What is your motto? Be true to yourself!


Which influences shaped your taste of music?
From 80s pop to 80s Metal, to (partially) 90s Metal to Prog, Jazz with absolutely no end in sight. I love music and can find something in almost every style - a pathetic junkie!


Your hobbies: music, movies, books, cooking (always with pleasure but not always tasty), web design, no problem with drinking bouts

What inspires you? No idea! Everything and nothing? Tell me if you're able to hear what it might be!


Favorite food? I'm a meat-guy, but preferably I pay more for quality. Call it sensible gulping down, hehe!

First record: Bangles - Different Light. "Manic Monday" slays!


Fave demo (tape): Kingsbane - Kingsbane


Best album: Dream Theater - When Dream and Day Unite


Best concert: Overkill & Mordred (1990), Rush (2005), Freak Kitchen (2013) and some more...