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18-03-2017 - LEMMY's
Bad Friedrichshall
+ Bleeding
+ Metal Party




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Richard Seibel (keys)

Equipment: Roland Juno-Stage, Studiologic/Fatar-2001, Emu-E4xt Ultra, Xtreme-Lead 1, Roland JD-800 (SL JD80 01-07), XV 3080 (SRX-11, SR JV80-Orchestral), Roland Line-Mixer


Fave bands: Ark, Pain of Salvation, Extol, Waltari, Pure Reason Revolution, Sieges Even, Freak Kitchen, Tool, Mars Volta, Bohren & der Club of Gore, Ayreon, Anathema, Balance of Power, Elegy,  Starbreaker, Dreamtide, Muse, Keane, 30 Seconds to Mars, Machinae Supermacy, Faktion, Coheed and Cambria, Three, Disillusion, Tarot, System of a Down, Disturbed, Raunchy, Opeth, Into Eternity, Beyond Twilight, Pagan's Mind, Panzerballett...


Movies: A Clockwork Orange, Cube, Identity, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lord of the Rings, Oldboy, Prestige, Butterfly on a Wheel, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Illusionist


Books: Beer brewing quite simply :)


"likes": Spending time with my family, camping, organizing festivals, concerts, drinking beer, oxygen.


"hates": Not to drink beer! Polluted air (when band members are responsible for that), the degenerated tv programm, people who ask radio hosts to play "Summer of '69"...and people who actually play it.


Why are Lanfear Metal? Just for grins: If Kai would be part of a casting show - it would be a Metal show! Wait a minute! Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii........


Which is your favourite Lanfear song and why? Can't decide between "Synaptogenesis" and "Seeds of the Plague". I think both intros are exciting and I love the enthralling riffs and the fantastic vocals. Everybody who knows the songs, also knows what I mean. The rest: Just click on SHOP!


Why do you make music? At 16 I felt an urge to communicate in a musical way - I wasn't forced. My son, in contrary, will be forced, hehe. I'm sorry for human beings who have to live without music. I'm sorry for Florian Silbereisen (German folk "musician"), f.e.


What is your motto? Life gives the cards a shuffle. Those who play with marked cards should kick the bucket. Less is more or less more. O.k., less beer isn't that good.


Which influences shaped your taste of music?
The door was opened by Dream Theater, followed by lots of brilliant other bands (s.a. faves)


Your hobbies: My VW T3, motorbiking.

What inspires you? 
The infinite depths that can be in a song.


Favorite food? Zwiebelrostbraten, Käsespätzle (by Mum), Cordon Bleu (meat within meat! Wicked!!!), pizza

First record: 
Metallica - And Justice for All


Best album: Ark - Burn the Sun


Best concert: Ark (Stuttgart, Röhre, 2001), Freak Kitchen (Raismes, 2006), Waltari (it's been ages, Stuttgart)