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18-03-2017 - LEMMY's
Bad Friedrichshall
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The band was founded in 1993 and released six albums so far – all of them critically acclaimed.

LANFEAR play powerful and melodic Metal with a progressive edge.
Originality, subliminal details and intelligent songwriting combined with haunting melodies and the constant urge to evolve – that’s what it’s all about!
Certainly not the easy way to success in a superficial scene - but LANFEAR don’t give a fuck!

No breakdowns, no kilts, no horns, no makeup, no swords, no image, no rockstar-dom, no support by mass media – no hot air!
It’s the music that matters!

The latest album "This Harmonic Consonance" combines all strengths with the best production until now.
It was released on 02-24-2012 by Pure Steel Records.

The record reached highest ranks in almost all magazines (e.g. 10 x dynamite in Rock Hard, album of the month at
LANFEAR played the famous Bang Your festival and their first ever show in the U.S. at the well known ProgPower festival.

The seventh album "The Code Inherited" will be released in 2016.



Line Up:

Nuno De Barros Fernandes - vocals
Markus Ullrich - guitars
Kai Schindelar - bass
Richie Seibel - keys
Jürgen Schrank - drums



Towers (1996)
Zero Poems (1999)
The Art Effecrt (2003)
Another Golden Rage (2005)
X to the Power of Ten (2008)
This Harmonic Consonance (2012)